Welcome to The IELTS School - Watch this first!

Hello and welcome to The IELTS School. This is the place for you to get customized lessons designed to help you succeed in your next IELTS exam. Click on the red circel with an arrow (<) to get to the main school page. From there click the "Included Courses" link to access all of you IELTS lessons.

Navigate through the courses until you find a skill that you would like to improve and then complete all of the lessons. All of the lessons are color coded so you find certain skills easily.

  • YELLOW = Speaking
  • BLUE = Writing
  • GREEN = Reading
  • ORANGE = Listening
  • DARK GREY = Other Skills

This school includes everything you need to get a good score in your next IELTS exam. The content will be delivered as text, audio or video in this course area. There will also be worksheets, quizzes and forms to complete throughout the school.

The content does include some practice test activities but the main focus of the school is teaching strategies that will help you to do well on the exam.

Do you want customized IELTS lessons?

If you can't find the lesson you are looking for or if something about IELTS is difficult for you, let me know. I will create custom lessons based on the questions I get from you. Click on the "Ask An IELTS Expert" course and ask your question or put in your lesson request.

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