IELTS Listening: Practice Tests 1, 2 & 3

Score 8.0 in your next IELTS listening exam without months of study or boring lessons

"Knowing what to expect on the IELTS exam and having good practice materials are a very important part of exam preparation."

- Lee (The IELTS Coach)

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The IELTS Listening Exam is one of the most challenging exams for ESL students. It requires a good command of vocabulary, effective time management skills, comprehension of idiomatic expressions and the ability to be flexible in language use. Students need to understand the listening exam in order to do well on exam day.

I’m convinced that anyone can learn how to do well on the listening exam. It may take some students longer than others, but all students have the potential to score 8.0 in the listening. To achieve this level of success students need to follow very specific steps.

My online IELTS listening courses are for:

  • People who are tired of taking test after test and want to start using effective methods for improvement
  • Students who are not sure of their mistakes and are confused by the instructions and questions in the listening exam
  • Previous IELTS Candidates who did not get the listening score they needed and are looking for a way to increase their score in a short period of time
  • First time IELTS candidates who want to save time and money by using effective techniques to master the listening exam
  • Students who dream of studying and living overseas but need high IELTS scores to realize their dreams

The IELTS Listening Success courses can make you the “Star Student" in your next listening class - imagine how you will feel when other students start asking you for listening exam advice!

"Mr. Lee's lessons give me the opportunity to learn new things about IELTS preparation and I am learning to correct my mistakes"

- Andrea, Former online student

Meet Your Coach

Mr. Lee Fritze
Mr. Lee Fritze

Hi. I'm Lee. Why Should You Listen To Me?

Good question! Here’s why I’m qualified to show you how to improve your IELTS band scores …

I have been helping students prepare for IELTS since 2010. Since then, I have helped hundreds of students increase their band scores. Over the years I have seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to being successful in all skills of the IELTS exam. I really want my students to succeed so I developed step-by-step strategies that help students get the results they need.

Most of my online IELTS courses include email support from me so you can ask for any help you need. In each course, students have the opportunity to ask questions about anything in the course that they are unsure of. I will respond to all course questions within 48 hours and add new lessons to all courses when necessary.


The IELTS Exam Is Difficult ...

The International English Language Testing System is designed to be difficult. It aims to assess whether a student can handle working and studying in an academic environment.

The IELTS exam does not just test your English level but also your test taking skills. Because of this, how you go about practicing and preparing for the exam is very important.

Don't just focus on improving your general level of English. Most students make the mistake of just doing practice grammar and vocabulary exercises. These type of exercises can help you but they won't help you achieve an overall score of 7.0 or higher.

Another common mistake is for students to just focus on practice tests. This usually means doing test after test. Without proper analysis of mistakes, this study method can also be a waste of time.

Over the years I have met many students who come to me asking for help. They are usually hard working students who make a lot of effort. But, all of their effort has not given them the results they need.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how long you prepare for the exam or how many practice tasks you do. To score well in the exam and to improve over time, you need to use effective test taking skills.

Without the necessary skills the more work, more practice tests and more time spent studying will still result in poor IELTS test scores.

"If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting the bad results you have been getting"

A Smarter Test Taking System

I have developed a smarter IELTS test taking system after years of working with IELTS candidates who couldn't achieve the scores they needed. After using the techniques in my IELTS listening course they went to score higher than they ever thought possible.

I have been developing and refining this test taking system for more than 5 years. The steps and strategies can be used by any student, at any level to see dramatic and instant results in their listening test scores.

A large number of my former students went on to study overseas and achieve their academic goals. I have also taught this system to students preparing to migrate to English speaking countries.

It is fair to say that achieving your desired IELTS test score can be life changing. It can positively impact your life now and for many years to come.

How Can You Avoid Exam Failure?

The most important concept to understand when following this system is:

You get more by doing less and following the system STEP BY STEP

Strategy is key and the secret behind how you can achieve an increase in your Listening Band Score. The IELTS Listening Course will teach you how to get better results by spending less time and doing less work than other students.

You will learn to work smarter, not harder.

"It is really useful to know what to expect in the exam. I am glad that someone could answer any questions about the exam before I did the real test"

- Linh, Former 1 on 1 student

The IELTS Listening Courses Are Live!

I’d Like To Invite You To Join The IELTS Listening Success Courses

Here’s exactly what you get in the Listening Success bundle:

The main content of the IELTS Listening Success Courses is the video modules. In these videos I personally guide you through each of the key steps of an effective listening test strategy.

There are 5 mini-courses in total. Each course is broken up into specific lessons that you can study in any order and at any time. I recommend you complete one course per week, and spend that week using the techniques you learn.

All the mini-courses include video presentations, PDF documents and practice tasks that you can access online inside each course. All lessons inside the courses are accessible on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The content is focused on how to increase your listening band score using a step-by-step strategy. There are action steps for you to take at the end of each module, so you not only learn, you also take action and get real results.

There is also a sense of community in the course. Students are encouraged to introduce themselves in the first module discussion. This leads to building relationships between people with the same goals and target scores.


"Lee's classes are amazing! I feel confident and prepared for the IELTS test thanks to his dedication and expertise :)"

- Lais, Former online student

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This IELTS listening course is part of a monthly membership and you will have full access to the course every month until you stop your membership.
Is this course just practice exercises and tests?
Definitely not! This listening course is more about strategies and techniques than practice exercises. This course gives you support from other students and The IELTS Coach, you won't find another listening course like this online or off!
Is all of this information available for free online?
There is a lot of information available online, some of it is good and some of it is bad. This course provides the best techniques and tips in one place to save you time and effort searching through hundreds of websites. In this course, you can clearly see the step by step strategy needed to improve your IELTS listening band scores all in one place. Best of all, you can use the strategies now without spending weeks searching online.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied there is a one click unregister button inside the course. I am so confident that you will improve your IELTS listening test scores after completing all of my listening courses that I guarantee it. If, after watching all of the lessons in all courses and doing all of the work, you are not completely satisfied that they have improved how you perform under listening test conditions, I will give you your money back.
I have difficulty listening to fast speakers. Can this course help me?
This course can help students improve their general listening skills. The more effort you put into improving your skills and listening comprehension, the better you will get. This course still requires that the student works hard and follows the information provided.
My listening is terrible and the exam is so difficult. What can I do?
Students just like you have used the content in my listening courses to improve their results to 7.0 or 7.5 and beyond in their listening exams. I believe that this course can help all IELTS candidates. If you follow the steps and do the work I am confident you will see improvement in your scores. Obviously the lower your current level is then the longer it will take you to get 7.0 or higher. If you put in the effort, the lessons in these courses can help you achieve your goals.
How can I pay for the course?
Payment for the course is made by credit or debit card. It is secure and you can pay with your credit card or current PayPal account. I am sorry but at this time I cannot arrange any other payment method. NOTE: When you click the payment button, you have to complete 2 steps. Step 1: Sign up and register for The IELTS Coach. Step 2: Enter payment details and enroll in the course. You will then be given instant access to the course, if you are not taken to the course page it means that you did not complete step 2.
How do I get started?
Great! I am glad you decided to join the course. Simply click on the big "Join This Course" button at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed the payment and registration details you will be taken to the course page. Begin by watching the first lesson in the "Introduction", this will give you all the tips to get the most out of the course. Make sure you click "Complete and Continue" after each lesson. Good luck!

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