Mock Test #1 (General Training & Academic)

This mock test is a practice exam which you complete under real exam conditions and with real time limits. This mock test includes a Test Report Form just like in the real exam. However, at the end of this exam and in the report form you will receive feedback about your test results so you can improve.

Mock tests are useful as they are more formal than homework tasks and the idea is that students get nervous in a mock test, just like they would in a real exam. Another benefit of mock tests is that they are done with the same strict time structure of real exams, 3 hours without interruption.

One of the biggest complaints students have about IELTS is that they don't get any feedback about the test results. After you have completed this mock test you will receive face-to-face feedback as well as written feedback.

Use the example test questions and feedback in this mock test to guide you as you prepare for you IELTS exam. This mock test will you practice and the confidence that you can succeed in the real exam.

Meet Your Coach

Mr. Lee Fritze
Mr. Lee Fritze

Hi. I'm Lee. Why Should You Listen To Me?

Good question! Here’s why I’m qualified to show you how to improve your IELTS band scores …

I have been helping students prepare for IELTS since 2010. Since then, I have helped hundreds of students increase their band scores. Over the years I have seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to being successful in all skills of the IELTS exam. I really want my students to succeed so I developed step-by-step strategies that help students get the results they need.

Most of my online IELTS courses include email support from me so you can ask for any help you need. In each course, students have the opportunity to ask questions about anything in the course that they are unsure of. I will respond to all course questions within 48 hours and add new lessons to all courses when necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take the mock test?
The third "lesson" inside the mock test gives you information for booking your test. Once you have chosen your lesson date and time, you will be given access to the listening, reading and writing tests approximately 3 hours before your online lesson. After you have sent your answers you will complete a full speaking test using online video chat software.
How long does the mock test take?
The mock test takes approximately 4 hours. This includes 45 minutes for the listening test, 60 minutes each for the reading and writing tests, 15 minutes for the speaking test and then 45 minutes of face-to-face correction and feedback.
Will this mock test show me my real IELTS score?
It is impossible to create real IELTS test conditions at home so the score you get in a mock test may not be the same as what you get in the real exam. However, this mock test is one of the best ways to assess your current IELTS level as it simulates exam questions and timing. In addition, this mock test includes feedback so you can score higher in the real exam as you are more aware of your mistakes and know which skills to improve.
Does the test include feedback about my mistakes?
Yes. After the speaking test you will be given face-to-face feedback about all of your test results and an estimated IELTS band score. After the lesson you will receive a video of your speaking test and your Test Report Form.

P.S: Take a moment to think, really think HARD about how much time, energy and money you are wasting by taking the real IELTS exam so many times. Then compare that to the savings you get by taking mock tests and the added benefit of feedback which should reduce the number times you need to take the test.

P.P.S: I usually only provide this mock test service to my private IELTS coaching students. This offer may be removed at any time so book while it is available.

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